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1,    Name

       (a)  The name shall be The Dowty Wolverhampton Golf  Society

 2,    Object

         (a) The object of the Society shall be to provide facilities for playing the game of golf.

         (b)  All games shall be played to the rules as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews,with such local rules as apply at the Golf Club where the game is played and also in accordance with local rules and etiquette which the Society Committee may consider necessary to introduce.

 3,   Presidents and Vice Presidents

         (a) At the Annual General Meeting the members of the Society may appoint a President and Vice President who shall retire annually and be eligible for re-election.

 4,    Officers

          (a) The officers of the Society shall be a Chairman,a Captain, a Secretary,a Treasurer and a Match Secretary. Such appointments shall be honorary and an individual may  hold not more than two of the above  appointments.

         (b)   The officers shall be proposed,seconded and elected,by ballot if need be at the Annual General Meeting.

          (c)   The appointments shall be until the next annual general meeting when the officers shall retire but be eligible for re-election.

 5,     General Committee

          (a) The Society General Committee shall consist of the officers and not more than six other members of the Society to be elected as in rule 6.

             (b)  Five members of the General Committee shall form a quorum.

 6,       Election of General Committee

          (a)  Members of the General Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting .

          (b)  Members shall be nominated for the General Committee by any two members.

          (c)  If the numbers of  nominations exceeds the number of vacancies on the committee,election shall be by ballot

          (d)  Each member present at the AGM shall  be entitled to vote for any number of candidates  not exceeding the number of vacancies

 7,       Casual Vacancy on the General Committee

            (a)  Any vacancy occurring on the General Committee during the year may be filled by the General committee selecting itís own members or by co-opting from members of the Society. 

 8,       Duties of Secretary  

             (a)  The Secretary shall be responsible for the correspondence and maintaining the documents of the Society.

             (b)   He shall convene meetings and keep minutes of all proceedings in General Committee and at the Annual  General  Meeting.

             (c)  He shall produce such minutes for inspection by any member of the Society upon request.

  9,       Duties of  Treasurer

           (a)   The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial accounts of the Society .

            (b)   He shall prepare and present at the Annual  General Meeting  a Statement of  Accounts / Budget  sheet made up to the final fixture of the season. 

   10,    Duties of  Match Secretary

            (a)    The Match Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the `playing Ď side of the Society.

            (b)    He shall maintain an up to date list of all current handicaps and revisions when informed by the  Handicap Committee.

            (c)    He shall organize all sweepstakes and divisions at Society fixtures

            (d)    He shall collect names of all members wishing to attend Society fixtures via Committee Men and  organize the playing format of each fixture.    

  11,      Sub -Committee

           (a)   The General Committee  may if they so decide, nominate from their own members to formSub  Committees as necessary.

  12,        Election of Members to the Society

            (a) Prospective members of the Society must fill in a fully completed appication form duly signed by both a proposer and seconder who must both be current existing Society members.

                 To apply for any current membership discounts all applications must be submitted will full costs which will be refunded in the event of an unsuccessful application.

 (b) Previous Society members whether current Wolverhampton site employees or not will also be expected to comply with the above rule.

         (c)   The Committee shall have power to refuse membership to an applicant if:

                   (1)    If by admitting the applicant to the Society it would jeopardize the objects of the Society Rule 2

                 13,       Subscriptions

              (a)  Subscriptions for membership shall be decided by members at an Annual General Meeting.

              (b)  Members may resign from the Society at any time by notifying any member of the General Committee in writing.

                (c)   Any member leaving the Society during the playing season will be required to pay their subscriptions until the end of that year.

  14,       Expulsion of Members

              (a)    A member may be expelled from the Society for conduct, which in the opinion of the General Committee, may be injurious to the interests of the Society

               (b)   Misconduct together with the facts shall firstly be reported to the Secretary, who will  communicate with the member concerned for an explanation.

               (c)   If a satisfactory explanation is not available and the member does not resign from the Society, then the Secretary shall call a General Committee Meeting and with the facts and evidence available will have the power to expel the member if a two thirds majority of the General committee members present at the meeting so decide.

  15,       Meetings

              (a)  The Annual General Meeting of the Society  shall be held before the end of December each year.

               (b)  Extraordinary General meetings of the Society may be called by the General Committee or by a request signed by 50% ot the Society members                           

            (c)   General  Committee Meetings shall be held as and when considered necessary by that  Committee   

 16,        Quorum

              (a)   The quorum for an Annual General Meeting and an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 25% of Society members.

              (b)  The quorum for a General Committee Meeting - see Rule 5 (b).

  17,         Chairman

              (a)  At all General Meetings of the Society the Chairman of the General Committee shall be the Chairman.

             (b)   In the absence of the General Committee Chairman, a member selected by the General Committee  shall act as Chairman.

 18,          Resolutions and Amendments

              (a)  Any  Member wishing to move a resolution including amendments to the rules may do so at the Annual General Meeting .

              (b)   It shall be necessary to give 10 days notice before the Annual General Meeting for proposals to amend these rules.

19,        Compliance with the Rules

              (a) All members of the Society are requested to make themselves familiar with these Rules and  with the Rules of Golf  as approved by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.

              (b) A copy of these Rules shall be handed to all members of the Society.

  20,        Interpretation of  Rules

            The General Committee shall have the power to interpret the rules of the Society and for deciding all disputes relating to the affairs of the Society.


               These Rules were read and verified at the Annual General Meeting of the Society held at

              Perton Park Golf Club

                                                                                       Dated .  NOVEMBER 2007






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