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                                              DOWTY WOLVERHAMPTON GOLF SOCIETY 

AGM 2014

 Minutes of meeting of the DWGS, held on Wednesday October 19th 2014, at 7-30pm, at Greenfields Golf Club.

In Attendance:

Stuart Davis, Ron Washbrook, John Brownbill, Phil Latham, Pete Williams, Jason Owen, Eric Clifton, Bob Edwards, Sam Hind,



Mick Baldwin, Leigh Clarke, Roger Collings, Tim Groves, Tom Hall.


S.D gave a quick welcome to the all the attendee’s and thanked everyone for their time, in what was a relatively low turnout in comparison with recent years. He looked back on the recent season and in reflection praised what he thought was an excellent year, everyone seemed to agree.


Matters Arising From Last Meeting:


No matters arising.


Minutes of Last Meeting


RW read out the AGM Minutes from 2013 held on Oct 16th at Greenfield’s Golf Club.

SD accepted as a true record.


Secretary’s Report:


RW read out his report on the season:


The 2014 season, to me has been successful in respect of the smooth running of the fixtures, and for once I personally had a reasonable year as far as results on the course were concerned! 


I thought poor Bob was going to be cursed by the dreaded rain this year, though after Boldmere the weather seemed to behave itself, apart from the Ledene fixture, which was a right deluge, and I had a mare, and the term “I couldn’t hit a cows backside with a banjo” was more than apt!


I would like to welcome back on the course this year John Brownbill, Who after quite while out with a serious hand injury, seemed to have had a very successful year on his return!


I haven’t encountered any problems in my position generally; the only one real concern as with recent years has been the decline in membership and attendance’s, something that we can discuss later.    


Memorable Highlights for me this year were the Wrekin (I always enjoy this place), Boldmere, more the result for me, but not the weather, Ludlow, after quite a few years it was nice to return, and I for one had a smashing day out, Seedy Mill, a great afternoon out, and Captains day at Condover, another course I always like returning too.


I hope all members especially our new members, enjoyed their golf season, and will come back in 2015 for some more fairway antics, and hopefully bring a friend or 2.



So a big thank you to all the committee for all their help and support over the past year,


Thanks to everyone I was paired up with this year, hope you enjoyed your golf as much as I did.


 A very big thank you to Bob who I felt did a great job as captain, especially on your captain’s day at Condover, well done. 


I would like to wish Phil, all the success for 2015 in your year as captain.


 Lastly a big thank you to Stuart for his tireless help and efforts especially on captain’s day.


SD conveyed a vote of thanks on behalf of the Society for Ron’s work during the year.



Treasurer’s Report:


J.B. gave his usual excellent detailed in-depth report on the society finances.


BALANCE FWD   2013                          £ 650.66


TOTAL CASH IN BANK Oct 2013         £ 461.00




 A full breakdown of all expenditure is available from RW, SD, or JB if required.

SD brought it to our attention, that only a small number of our members are taking advantage of the online banking, as a way of paying subs and fixture fee’s. If anyone does want to pay this way please contact him, RW, or JB or any of the committee for the bank details. 


SD also mentioned that it was good to see the return of John in 2014.


SD conveyed a vote of thanks along with rest of the attendee’s for John’s efforts during the year.


Match Secretary’s Report:

SD spoke of the Match Secretary’s position and the fact that it more or less runs itself since the evolution of the website. At this point he thanked PW for his sterling work on the handicap committee of which Pete has done for a number of years. He also thanked Roger for his work on the handicap committee. As with previous years and the evolution of the website, it was agreed by all that the physical position of Match Secretary does not actually now exist or is necessary. 


SD conveyed a vote of thanks to Pete. 


Election Of Officers:

 SD proposed EC as President PW seconded

RW proposed SD as chairman and PW seconded

JO proposed RW as secretary RE seconded

PW proposed JB as Treasurer EC seconded


 The full committee for 2015 is below.


President………...Eric Clifton                                                                                  

Chairman………..Stuart Davis                                        

Secretary………...Ron Washbrook                             

Treasurer………. John Brownbill                               

Match Secretary…N/A                                                     

Captain…          Phil Latham

Vice.             Steve Cooksey

Retiring Captain…. Bob Edwards

H/cap committee

Roger Collings 

Pete Williams

Stuart Davis


 Fee’s And Fixtures:

After much discussion on fees, JB proposed the joining fee be frozen at £15, JO seconded.

It was discussed that if any new members were to join at any point during the season if they could join at a reduced fee. The outcome was that due to the very small monetary difference that would be involved, if anyone was to join, no matter at what point, will pay the full £15.

RW questioned PL if he had any courses he had in mind for his captain’s day, Arscott, Maxstoke, and Seedy Mill were mentioned as possibles. 




Many fixtures were mentioned for 2015 including


·         Ludlow

·         Whiston hall

·         Warmley

·         Hatchford Brook

·         Wrottesley (3 club and a putter)

·         Three Hammers

·         Handsworth

·         Dartmouth

·         Druids Heath


RW commented that if anyone can think of any other courses, that spring to mind or are strongly recommended at a later date, please contact him or any other committee member.




Problems During 2014


Below is a copy of some of the apparent problems that were encountered this year. The points were delicately discussed with one goal in mind, to improve the society for everyone.



The meeting concluded that the present website was, for the cost involved doing what it was intended to do & would stay as is, although contributions from any member were welcome.


Draw For Playing Partners:

This would continue as is but a draw for partners would be make on the day for all day fixtures.


Too Many Team Games:

 The present format will remain.


Too Many Fixtures:

 The present format will remain.


Replicas On Captains Day:

In future the winner of Any Competition will be given a choice of Replica or Prize,


 Peter Williams will oversee & control this function.


The Society Should Not Be Playing Par 3 Courses:

The present format will remain.


Fixtures 2015:

A list of possible venues was collected by the Secretary


Fees 2015:

Fees will remain @: £15 prospective members are urged to pay as soon as possible to allow the Secretary to begin booking fixtures for 2015



The meeting voted to allow each member the facility to bring a prospective new member as a guest player to one fixture, to see how the Society works. This facility will not be extended to previous Society members. The guest will be allowed to participate in any sweepstakes on the day if they hold an active Congu handicap.





Meeting Ended 9-42 pm 


Ron Washbrook. Secretary




11th April 2015
12 members travelled to North Worcestershire for the Societies first visit to Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club to contest the F.A. Hewitt Trophy. Members were greeted by a pleasantly warm spring afternoon & a tough & hilly course, which made low scoring difficult. Society Secretary Ron Washbrook eventually emerged as the victor with a score of 31 points from the consistent Dave Broome on 30 points & Bob Edwards claiming another 3rd prize with 28 points.

10th May 2015
A cool, damp afternoon greeted the Societies first visit for many years to Wrottesley Park. Tight fairways & small tricky greens made low scoring difficult with only 2 players scoring more than 30 points. Vice Captain Steve Cooksey gained his first ever-individual victory from President Eric Clifton. Both players scored 34 points but Steve's back 9 of 21 was sufficient to seal the victory

31st May
Despite threatening skies & heavy rain on the way down, the Societies first visit to Walmley Golf Club was met by an excellent course presented in excellent condition.
The Stroke play Championship was as ever contested as a Medal & all players found scoring difficult. 3 players failed to break 100 while another 3 recorded No Returns. Captain Phil Latham emerged victorious with the ever-consistent Dave Broome claiming his 3rd runners up spot of the season. Both players tied with scores of 75 (nett) but Phil's back 9 score of 42 was enough to win with Dave's back 9 being 46

14th June

      The Society travelled up to Cheadle to make it's first ever visit to Whiston Hall Golf Club to contest The George Booth & Geoff Lutner Memorial Trophies.The quality of the greens spoilt a very scenic course with some tough & hilly holes.The morning Competiton for the George Booth Trophy was played as a Stableford  using the 1 - 2 - 3 "Waltz " format. The  low scores reflected the difficulty of the course & the 21 points scored  by Leigh Clark, Sammy Hind & Ron Washbrook was sufficient to seal the win. After an excellent lunch The Geoff Lutner Trophy was contested as a 4 Ball Betterball Pairs & a superb score of 38 points gave Sam Hind & Peter Williams victory over Bob Edwards & Jason Owen who scored 37.

                                                                          26th July

A dull & damp afternoon greeted the Societyon its first visit to Newcastle - Under - Lyme Golf club to contest the 50th Aniversary Trophy. The course was in excellent condition but the trick greens & steady rain made low scoring difficult. Captain Phil Latham emerged from the gloom for his second victory of the season scoring 33 points. In second place on 33 points was Peter Williams who beat Gary Picken into 3rd by virtue of a better back 9.

                                                                       12th September

The 2015 season was brought to a close with a visit to Arscott Golf Club. Although a little wet in places the course wasgenerally in excellent condition. The morning Texas Scramble competition was also used to decide the winners of the 4 Ball Shield Trophy from the cancelled Hatchford Brook fixture. The winners with a score of 30.4 were Steve Cooksey, Jason Owen & Ron Washbrook. The Captain's Prize took place over the afternoon 18 holes with the in form Bob Edwards proving to be a runaway winner with score of 38 points. In 2nd place with 33 points was Jason Owen & in 3rd place with a score of 31 points was Sammy Hind. The afternoon round also saw the conclusion of the season long Consistency & Points Prize competitions. Jason Owen claimed the G.E. Blyth Trophy for the Consistency & Steve Cotterell finished a very succesful first season with the Society by winning the Points Prize. A very enjoyable day was concluded with some excellent food & the usual Arscott hospitality.

8th December

By now all members should have received an E Mail from the Secretary outlining the plans for the A.G.M. & for next season.
An early response to the E Mail would be appreciated so that we can start making plans.
It is important to let the Secretary know even if you are not rejoining.


                                                                   3rd January

Would all members please note that the A.G.M. has been arranged for Wednesday 20th January at Greenfields Golf Club 7.30p.m start. Would all please make every effort to attend this important meeting.

21st January

 In line with the vote taken at the A.G.M. would all prospective members please pay their  subscription as soon as possible, this was set for 2016 at £20


Dowty Golf Society AGM 2015


At Greenfields GC 20th January 2016 @7-30pm


 Pete Williams, Roger Collings, Steve Cooksey, Bob Edwards, Leigh Clarke,Jason Owen, Stuart Davis, Ron Washbrook, Dave Broome


 Steve Cotterill, Mike Balwin.



 SD welcomed everyone, the minutes from 2014 were ran through briefly in an attempt to speed up proceedings, with important proposed changes required in the society that needed addressing later.

SD accepted as true record


Secretary’s Report.

RW read out his report on the 2015 season, with a quick mention of possible impending changes to the structure.


The 2015 season, to me has been successful in respect of the smooth running of the fixtures, I personally had a good year as far as results on the course were concerned, mainly due to good team results !

 I normally mention the decline in numbers at this point, but as it seems it appears to be the norm, as most societies are smaller in numbers these days, maybe a restructuring of the way we go forward, is called for.    

 Memorable Highlights for me this year Churchill, for obvious reasons, swindon, not for my performance but for witnessing the birth of a new rising talent (Steve Cotterell). Whiston Hall not for the greens but the food, hospitality, and bargain of the century, and Arscott for the fact of playing with the eventual winner who could do no wrong.


 I hope all members especially our new members, enjoyed their golf season, and will come back in 2016 for some more fairway antics, and hopefully bring a friend or 2.

 So a big thank you to all the committee for all their help and support over the past year,

 Thanks to everyone I was paired up with this year, hope you enjoyed your golf as much as I did.

A very big thank you to Phil who I felt had a good year as captain, especially in respect of your match results,

 I would like to wish Steve Cooksey all the success in his year as Captain

Lastly a big thank you to Stuart for his tireless help and efforts especially on Captain’s Day.


Treasurers Report.

 S.D gave an outline of the society’s finances, which due to dwindling numbers showed a reduction in the amount that was left by year end. This was £297.03


Election of Officers.  

A shrinking of the general committee in line with reduced number of members is shown below.

Chairman ……………..  S. Davis

Secretary …………….    R. Washbrook

Treasurer ……………    This position is pending at this moment in time

Captain ………………  S. Cooksey

Handicap Committee…. P. Williams, R. Collings


Fees and Fixtures.

A lengthy discussion took place regarding the running of the society, and the way we go forward. A general consensus was agreed that we will book most of the fixtures with a short notice period of approx 1 a week or so, using “Tee off Times” or 2 for 1  vouchers. This will apparently give us a wide variety of courses at low prices !  An overnight stay is also being implemented much to the enthusiasm of everyone, this will be booked conventionally and was agreed we make this a Fri/Sat fixture playing 18/18 holes, and 2 competitions. The intentions are, with this new booking system that after every fixture members pay £10 towards the next fixture, and pay the balance on the day. The success of this new direction will very much depend on quick responses from our members regarding communicating their intentions to play !

It was agreed by all that the membership fee for the 2016 season be set at £20.

Some of the many courses suggested for the coming season are listed below:

Astbury Hall



The Wrekin

The Shropshire





Great Barr



Bewdley Pines




It was proposed by J.O, that the sweepstakes would be increased to £3 and would be split 3 ways eg,  Front 9, Back 9, and Overall, when possible.

All agreed.

The dates for the coming season are shown below:-

Friday March 18th

Friday April 18th

Friday May 18th

Fri / Sat June 3rd/4th    Weekend Away          

Friday July 15th     

Friday August 19th 

Friday September 2nd Captains Day




 Due to shrinking membership, it was agreed that a maximum ceiling of £200 will be allocated to the Captain when deciding his prizes etc….


Meeting ended at 9-30pm

 18th March

14 players including new members Roy Hartshorne, Martin Lucas & guest Malcolm Collins travelled to Church Stretton Golf Club for the seasons opening fixture. A cool misty day spoilt some of the usual spectacular views but the scoring certainly was spectacular. A tremendous score of 41 points including 3 no returns saw Roy Hartshorne take the Sid Willoughby Cup. Steve Cotterell with 38 points emerged from the gloom in second spot from guest Malcolm Collins also with 38 & another 38 points from Martin Lucas completed some fine scoring.


Friday 18th March

The Sid Willoughby Cup

Individual Stableford

Full Handicap

1st Legs Of Consistency & Points Prizes

1.00pm Steve COOKSEY / Leigh CLARK

1.08pm Pete WILLIAMS / Steve COTTERELL / Dave BROOME

1.16pm Jason OWEN / Phil LATHAM / Martin COLLINS

1.24pm Mike BALDWIN / Martin LUCAS / Gary PICKEN




1. Play Off Yellow Tees Unless Advised

2. Obsrve Course Etiquette

3. Avoid Slow Play

4. Play A Provisional Ball As Required



March 21st

The next Society fixture has now been booked & will take place at Chesterton Valley on Friday 15th of April. Cost is £16 excluding sweep.

In order to book a starting place any member wishing to play is required to pay their £16 either in cash to the Secretary or directly into the Society bank account No later than Friday 25th March. If payment is not received by this date we cannot guarantee a start time.



April 16th
A full compliment of 15 members took the short journey to Chesterton Valley Golf Club to contest the 4 Ball Shield. 5 teams of 3 played a 3 - 2 - 1 Stableford to decide the outcome of the shield. A very wet course with tricky greens saw scoring difficult for most teams. The only team to break par on the day were the eventual winners,Steve Cotterell, Dave Broome & Mike Baldwin with a score of 79 points.




Friday 15th April

The Sports & Welfare 4 Ball Shield

Competition Format

3 - 2 -1
Stableford Full Handicap

1.00p.m Steve COOKSEY / Roger COLLINGS / Martin LUCAS

1.08p.m Phil LATHAM / Stuart DAVIS / Gary PICKEN

1.16p.m Steve COTTERELL / Dave BROOME / Mike BALDWIN


1.32p.m Pete WILLIAMS / Bob EDWARDS / Leigh CLARK

Draw Performed By Stuart Davis & Ron Washbrook Verified as a true draw by Dave Broome

All 3 Team Members To Score On The 1st Hole
Best 2 Scores On The 2nd Hole
Best 1 Score On The 3rd Hole
All 3 Team Members To Score On The 4th Hole
Best 2 Scores On The 5th Hole
Best 1 Score On The 6th Hole
And Repeating Same Format Every 3 Holes

Team Score Cards Will Be Provided

Sweep Prizes
 £30 Winning Team
£15 Runners Up

1. Play Off Yellow Tees Unless Otherwise Informed

2. Observe Course Etiquette At All Times

3. Avoid Slow Play Play A Provisional Ball When Needed

4. NO MOBILE PHONES ON COURSE (Emergency Use Only)

April 25th

The next fixture has now been booked for Ombersley & will take place on Friday 13th May.

The cost is £28 which includes Golf, Bacon Sandwich, Tea or Coffee & Sweep for those who are participating in the sweep, (£25 without sweep)

Please inform the Secretary as soon as possible of your intentions either playing or non playing & pay your fees into the Society bank account by no later than Friday 6th May.

Also a reminder for those who have not paid the balance for the weekend away, this needs to be paid no later than Monday 2nd May.

May 13th

Another good turnout of 13 existing  members plus new members Jim & Mike Bate travelled over to Ombersley to contest the Strokeplay Championship.A warm but breezy afternoon was spoilt by the poor greens with many players struggling to putt well. Steve Cotterell with an excellent Gross 77 (Nett 66) had no difficulties with the greens winning by a margin of 4 from runner up Martin Lucas. Gary Picken finished in 3rd spot also scoring a nett 70, but Martin's back 9 was superior to Gary's.

Belton Woods Weekender

Friday 3rd June
M.C.Willdig Trophy
Full Handicap
The Lakes Course

12.36 Steve COOKSEY / Jason OWEN / Mike BALDWIN
12.50 Martin LUCAS / Stuart DAVIS / Roy HARTSHORNE / Leigh CLARK

Saturday 4th June
50th Anniversary Trophy
Full Handicap
The Woodside Course
 Starting at 10.12

Draw To Be Made Friday Evening

Observe Course Etiquette At All Times

Play From Yellow Markers Unless Informed Otherwise

Avoid Slow Play


June 4th

The Societies first ever " weekender" saw 11 members travel north of Grantham to the Belton Woods Golf Complex for a 2 day event. The fixture turned out to be an unbridled succes with 2 good courses, excellent food & superb accomodation on offer. Friday's event played on the "Lakes" course saw Martin Lucas claim his first Society Trophy a score of 32 points winning Martin the M. C Willdigg Trophy by virtue of a better back 9 from Pete Williams who also scored 32. Saturdays event also played as a Stableford was for the 50th Anniversary Trophy. This time the "Woods" course was used & a fine knock of 36 points saw Pete claim the trophy for the first time.During the prize presentations the Captain thanked Ron Washbrook for his efforts in organising the weekend & spe thanks were also offered to Martin Lucas for his generosity in supplying many extra prizes over the weekend. Full results appear on the relevant Web page


July 2nd

A new  web page has been added courtesy of Ron Washbrook showing the weekend away at Belton Woods. Just follow the link from the menu page.

The final 2 fixtures have now been booked & are as follows:

Friday 22nd July

The F.A Hewitt Trophy

Bewdley Pines

Start 1.00pm

Bacon / coffe on Arrival

£26.50 Including Sweep

ENTRIES Via the usual channel with DIRECT PAYMENT TO BANK ACCOUNT No Later  Than Friday 15th July


Friday 5th August

The George Booth Memorial

The Geoff Lutner Pairs Trophy

The Shropshire / Muxton

9.45a.m Full Breakfast

Basket Of Range Ball For Each Player

10.45a.m. 9 Holes Blue Course For The George Booth Memorial

12.45p.m Lunch

13.32p.m.18 Holes Silver / Gold For The Geoff Lutner Pairs Trophy

1 Course Evening Meal To Follow

£43 Including 2 Sweeps


Entries Via the usual channels with DIRECT PAYMENT TO BANK ACCOUNT No Later Than Friday 29th July

The F.A Hewitt Trophy

Full Handicap

1.00p.m Steve COOKSEY / Gary PICKEN / Phil LATHAM

1.08p.m Jason OWEN / Mike BALDWIN / Leigh CLARK

1.16p.m Martin LUCAS / Roger COLLINGS / Roy HARTSHORNE / Stuart DAVIS

Arrive 12.00 For Bacon & Coffee

Play Off YELLOW Tees Unless Advised

Avoid Slow Play

Observe Course Etiquette


July 23rd

The lowest turnout of the year saw just 9 members return to Bewdley Pines Golf Club for the first time since 2007. Beautiful weather, a course in excellent condition & possibly the best greens we have played on ths year saw a low scoring afternoons golf. Roy Hartshorne scored 40 points to claim the F.A. Hewitt Trophy & his 2nd victory of the season with Chairman Stuart Davis & Martin Lucas behind both scoring 37 points. 2nd place was awarded to Stuart by virtue of a better back 3 holes.

August 10th

14 members playing in teams of 2 travelled to The Shrophire Golf Centre to contest the George Booth & Geoff Lutner memorial trophies.
All 3 of the 9 hole loops were in excellent condition & with the warm dry weather some good scores were recorded.
The morning competiton played on the blue course saw Steve Cotterell & Pete Williams claim the George Booth with a betterball score of 21 points with Roger Collings & Stuart Davis pushing them close with 20 points.
In the afternoon the silver & gold courses were used for the Geoff Lutner trophy & once again Steve & Peter claimed victory with an excellent better ball score of 44 points. Runners up with 37 points were Mike Baldwin & Leigh Clark

September 4th

 12 members travelled to The Vale Golf & Country Club for the seasons last fixture. A morning 9 hole 3-2-1 competition played on "The Lenches" course saw a closely fought contest with the team of Pete Williams,Gary Picken & Roy Hartshorn winning with a score of 48 points from Jason Owen,Jim Bate & Stuart Davis with 46. The Afternoon round for The Captain's Prize was played on "The International Course & this was won by Jason Owen with 37 points from Ron Washbrook with 33 points. After the evening meal The Captain reviewed the closing season presenting prizes to all of the seasons winners. The day also saw the conclusion of several season long competitions with Gary Picken claiming both The Consistency & Points Prizes, Ron Washbrook winning The Committee Cup & Roy Hartshorne claiming the Crocombe Trophy as the most improved golfer of the year.

December 16th

One of the best attended A.G.M's for many years made some major changes for the 2017season.
The full minutes will be released when available but the main points from the meeting were as follows.
In order to obtain & release an early full year fixture list subscriptions were raised to £40
This is to cover the expected outlay of £600 required for deposits.

A generous offer from Leigh Clark for
dkbelectrical to sponsor Captain's Day was accepted.

Sweepstakes would be raised to £4
Sweep will be
1st,2nd,3rd & a Nearest The Pin Prize at all individual fixtures
Wherever practical the cost of the winners prizes (£10) presented on Captains' Day will be deducted from the sweep.
Management of the Sweep will continue to be run by the Competion / Handicap Committee.

The success of the weekend away meant that the fixture will be repeated.
So the fixtures for 2017 will be
1 Weekend away
2 All Day fixtures
4 Friday Afternoon Fixtures

February 10th

The new season is fast approaching & as such the Secretary has been busy obtaining fixtures for the year.

The 2017 fixture page has now been updated with the confirmed dates so far.

The "Weekender" & August fixtures have still to be confirmed but these will fall on the dates stated.

There are still some members from last year who have not yet paid their subscriptions for the year & it would help if these could be paid as soon as possible.
In the event that any of the outstanding members are not rejoining a note to that effect to the Hon Secretary would be appreciated

March 20th

9 members & 4 guests made the short journey to Bewdley Pines for the first fixture of the 2017 season.
After a full breakfast players moved onto a course in excellent condition for the time of the year.
Despite its condition the course proved to be a stiff challenge for all.
Peter Williams eventually claimed the Sid Willoughby Trophy with a score of 33 points from Secretary Ron Washbrook with 31 points.
The nearest the pin prize on the 18th was won by Jason Owen


Information The Manor Fixture
 Draw for playing order will be made during breakfast

Pete Williams / Roy Hartshorne
Bob Edwards / Jason Owen
Chris Hillman / Matt Washbrook
Barry Baker / Steve Cooksey
Ron Wasbrook / Stuart Davis

Morning 9 Hole Competition For The George Booth Memorial Trophy Tee Off @ 9.30 a.m.
Afternoon 18 Hole Competion For The Geoff Lutner Pairs Trophy Tee Off @ 12.30p.m

Arrive No Later Than 8.30 for Food
We Have Not Been Informed Of Any Dress Restrictions So Smart Casual For Evening Meal
Play Off Yellow Markers Unless Advised
Avoid Slow Play
Observe Course Etiquette At All Times

April 20th

10 members paired into teams of 2 travelled to The Manor Golf Club to contest the George Booth Memorial & Geoff Lutner Pairs trophies.
After breakfast the 9 hole competition for the Geroge Booth was won by Roy Hartshorne & Pete Williams with  a level par score of 22 points.
After  lunch the teams played the full 18 holes to decided the outcome of The Geoff Lutner Trophy.
As in the morning round all of the teams found low scoring difficult the eventual winners being Barry Baker on his 1st Society outing & course specialist Steve Cooksey with another level par score of 44 points.
The nearest the pin prize on the 13th hole was won by Peter Williams.
An excellent evening meal supplied with the usual Manor hospitality rounded off an enjoyable day for all concerned.


 The forecasted poor weather did not materialise for the Societies latest fixture played at Walsall Golf Club on Friday 12th of May. Instead of the predicted torential rain players were met by a dull but sultry afternoon. After an excellent breakfast members made their way out to a Walsall course presented in its usual excellent condition. Once again all players found low scoring difficult with Gary Picken eventually claiming The F.A. Hewitt Trophy from Roger Collings. Both players scored 31 points but Gary claimed the prize with a back 9 of 15 from Roger's 14.

 June 11th

 The Societies annual weekend away took place at Hill Valley Golf & Country Club on Friday & Saturday the 9th & 10th of June. Fridays competition for The M.C. Willdig Trophy took place on the shorter Sapphire course with most plaers sruggling with the small greens & tight fairways. The outstanding score of the day was a 38 point haul for Gary Picken who took the trophy easily from 2nd placed Roy Hartshorne who scored 32. The winner of the nearest the pin on the 17th hole was Ron Washbrook. After a relaxing evening & a good breakfast members took to the longer Emerald course to contest the 50th Aniversary Trophy. The longer course again found players searching for a low score with Martin Lucas emerging as the eventual winner with 36 points. Chasing Martin hard into second place was Ron Washbrook with 33 points. Roy Hartshorne again claimed the nearest the pin prize on the 17th. Another enjoyable weekend for all who attended, with all members thanking Secretary Ron Washbrook for his efforts in organising the weekend.

 July 17th

The Society returned to its "spiritual home " of Lilleshall Golf Club on Friday 14th July in the 1st visit since the major course changes were implemented. 14 members were drawn into teams of 2 to contest the Sports & Welfare 4 Ball Shield. Whilst most pairs struggled with Lilleshall's tight fairways & tricky greens,the pairing of Barry Baker & Roy Hartshorne had no such problems. Their score of 47 points was easily the best of the day,beating the next pair by 7 points. Winner of the nearest the pin on the 16th was Roger Collings 

Aug 6th

10 members made the short journey along the M54 to The Wrekin Golf Club to contest The Strokeplay Championship. The ever immaculate course with its tricky greens proved to be a stern test for most players the exceptions being Barry Baker & Roy Hartshorne. A tight tussle saw Barry just edge home with a 4 under par nett 62 from Roy's nett 63.  

September 2nd
The seasons final fixture took place at Newcastle under Lyme Golf Club,who provided a fitting end to an excellent season.
A pleasant late summer day, a course in top condition with superb greens & first class food saw Society Secretary Ron Washbrook secure his first ever Captains Prize. Ron's score of 35 points was just enough to win from Roy Hartshorne with 34 points & the ever consistent Peter Williams in 3rd spot.
The morning " Coloured Ball " competition was won by Jim Bate, Roger Collins & Stuart Davis with a combined score of 57 points.
The final day  also saw a number of season long competitons concluded.
Peter Williams was victorious in The Consistency Prize, Roy Hartshorne retained the Points Prize & Gary Picken was again awarded the prize for the most imroved golfer


January 31st 2018

 The seasons first fixture has now been booked at Walsall Golf Club for Friday 23rd March
The 1st tee is reserved from 11.30a.m
A full English breakfast will be served prior to play
The A.G.M will take place as soon as practical after the completion of everyone's round

March 23rd

 Due to the recent poor weather & the state of the course the seasons first fixture at Walsall Golf Club has now been transferred to Friday the 18th of May

April 26th

 After the recent poor weather & subsequent fixture cancellations the season finally started with a long overdue visit to Welshpool Golf Club.
Superb weather,excellent food & hospitality & a course as tough as ever was on offer for those who made the journey into Wales.
2 Individual Stableford competitions were held during the day  the morning over 11 holes & the afternoon over the full course, with Secretary Ron Washbrook the victor in both.
During the day last years A.G.M. was held & a plan formulated for 2018. All members have been sent a copy of the decisions made via E Mail.

May 21st

  Friday 18th of May saw the Society visit Walsall Golf Club for the rearranged fixture previously canceeled due to the poor weather. The delay was well worth waiting for as another suberb afternon was on offer to all who attended. Excellent weather, food & golf course were on offer to all who attended. The inform Ron Washbrook was again victorious winning a tight Stableford competition from Matt Lucas by a solitary point














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